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Water Softener Service and Repairs

If you own a water softener, it should be professionally serviced and maintained at least annually, or more often, depending on your water quality. When softeners are not taken care of, it can lead to poor tasting or unhealthy drinking water, stains and spots on laundry and kitchenware, dry hair and skin, faulty filters, reduced efficiency, and eventually a total failure of the appliance. EcoWater System’s seasoned technicians are not only well-versed on our water softener models, but are trained to provide expert servicing and tune-ups on most all manufacturer makes, models and years.

EcoWater’s Technicians Provide These Services:

  • Check-ups and system efficiency analysis
  • Filter replacements (Ask us about special filters for tannin, nitrate, arsenic, iron and lead removal)
  • All brands, makes, models and years
  • Repairs, servicing and parts replacements
  • New water softener installations
  • Checking your salt levels and adding salt if needed
  • Testing the “hardness” levels in your water
  • Large service area in and around the Park Rapids region
  • Emergency service calls after normal business hours

Was Your Softener Purchased Through EcoWater Park Rapids?

If you bought your water softener from us, it will have a warranty specific to that product.
Any warranty question that you may have should be directed to the Park Rapids office:

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